Gordes, a jewel in the Luberon

What a surprise to find Gordes, with her domineering castle, perched on a hillside, surrounded by the many white faced houses gleaming in the sun light. This village was built using the limestone rock upon which it is perched. In between the compact, tightly stone built houses, you will discover winding cobbled streets sinuous and steep and in a gap between two tall houses you will be able to admire a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding countryside.


 While strolling along these alleys you will discover the marvelous architecture, ancient doorways, archways and fountains.


It is a pleasure to walk in Gordes, to stop at the castle dating back to the 16thC and where today resides the Pol Mara museum, then just next to the castle wander the market with all its color and scents of Provence.

Gordes also has an underground world, it is there you can discover the remains of the Palais St Firmin caves, a semi-troglodyte site which retraces the artisanal activities of the village back in the Middle Ages.

Gordes also attract many artists, seduced by this atypical village and its unusual and amazing luminosity.


Not far from here don’t miss visiting the Village des Bories, a habitation built using drystone and dating back to the Bronze Age.


The Abbaye de Senanque was founded in 1148 and today a community of Cistercian monks still lives there, they welcome tourists to visit.


And what would be Provence without its famous olive oil! Le Moulin de Bouillons is the oldest mill   intact with all its elements still working. The last press weighed 7 ton and 10m long. The history of olive oil can be found in these vats hollowed within the rock and roman pipework.


There is always something to do or see in Gordes. Come on and visit us!

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